Incisional therapy + dilatation with CRE in refractory post-anastomotic esophageal stenosis (F.J. Gallego, E. Merino)
T05-Dilatación / noviembre 25, 2017

We present the case of a postanastomotic esophageal high estenosis (after esophageal cancer surgery) refractory to CRE balloon dilatations. Initially it was treated with a fully covered prosthesis but the stenosis recurred at 3 months. It was decided to perform incisional therapy with needle-knife together with dilatation with the CRE balloon with excellent clinical results.

Endoscopic Full Thickness Resection (FTRD) in rectal case (Xisco Fernández. Hospital Quirón Málaga)
T13-Polipectomía EMR y ESD / noviembre 25, 2017

We present the case of a 56yo man with previous resection of adenomatous 0-Is 15 mm pop in rectum. 6 months after resection, a new colonoscopy is performed with the presence of a small 0-Is polyp over the scar with non-lifting sign. The patient was evaluates to perform FTRD.   A Video showing the set up of the FTRD Endoscopic Full Thickness Resection Device from OVESCO (Owned by SynMed UK):

Polypectomy in Peutz-Jeghers syndrome (distal ileon) with double retrograde balloon enteroscopy (DBE-R) (F.J. Gallego)

Retrograde double balloon entereoscopy is often an endoscopic challenge, among other reasons, due to the difficulty in crossing the ileocecal valve with such a flexible and thin endoscope (distal diameter of 9.8 mm) next to the overtube. In this case an endoloop-assisted polypectomy was performed in a 35-year-old male patient with Peutz-Jeghers syndrome who had a 25 mm polyp at the level of the distal ileum.

Caracterización endoscópica de las lesiones neoplásicas precoces del colon (Pedro J. Rosón)
P3-COLON / noviembre 25, 2017

Excelente revisión sobre la tipificación de las lesiones neoplásicas precoces del colon mediante endoscopia de alta definición y cromoendoscopia virtual (fundamentalmente NBI) realizada por el Dr. Pedro J. Rosón del Hospital Quirón de Málaga. Esta caracterización basada en la clasificación de París y Japón, nos ayuda mucho a la decisión terapéutica final en este tipo de lesiones (polipectomía, mucosectomía, disección o cirugía).

Endoscopic Ampullectomy (Dr. Juan Martín Guerrero)

We present a 69-year-old female patient with an episode of jaundice 2 months before with dilation of bile ducts by which she undergone an ERCP, that showed an Ampuloma and Choledocholithiasis. A plastic stent was placed to make and ecoendoscopy and evaluate staging of Ampuloma, which was T1 without involvement of bile neither pancreatic ducts. MATERIAL AND METHODS *15 mm polipectomy snare ( Boston Scientific) *Endocut effect 2, 120 W *No Submucosal Injection *Craneo-caudal papillectomy direction *Pancreatic 5F5Cm plastic stent (Cook) *Sphincterotomy *Balloom duct stones extraction.