Endoscopic Ampullectomy (Dr. Juan Martín Guerrero)

noviembre 22, 2017

We present a 69-year-old female patient with an episode of jaundice 2 months before with dilation of bile ducts by which she undergone an ERCP, that showed an Ampuloma and Choledocholithiasis. A plastic stent was placed to make and ecoendoscopy and evaluate staging of Ampuloma, which was T1 without involvement of bile neither pancreatic ducts.

MATERIAL AND METHODS *15 mm polipectomy snare ( Boston Scientific) *Endocut effect 2, 120 W *No Submucosal Injection *Craneo-caudal papillectomy direction *Pancreatic 5F5Cm plastic stent (Cook) *Sphincterotomy *Balloom duct stones extraction.

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