Incisional therapy. Refractory esophageal cervical stricture after surgical resection (J.Guilarte. Hospital de Baza)

abril 29, 2018

A new case about the utility of incisional therapy for refractory esophageal stricture after surgical resection (epidermoid cervical esophageal cancer) after two balloon dilatations without any improvement result.

Underwent EGD with a 9.8-mm-diameter endoscope (GIF-160 Olympus) in left lateral decubitus position under conscious sedation with propofol. A transparent hood was attached to the tip of the endoscope and an insulated-tip knife (IT-knife nano, Olympus) was introduced through the working channel. Under direct vision we apply radial incision of the stricture area (radial incision and cutting RIC) in combination with balloon dilatation (16 mm) and triamcinolone injection.

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