Non-homogenous LST-G postanal (9 cm). DSE using the tunnel technique (Pedro J. Rosón)

abril 23, 2018

Impressive case where a DSE of a large lesion of postanal localization with non-homogenous LST-G morphology performed by Dr. Rosón. The technique used has been tunneling, where initially an incision is created in the anal margin of the lesion somewhat larger than 1 cm that allows access to the submucosal plane. Once the tunnel is made, an incision of similar size is made on the oral side of the lesion. Throughout this phase an endoknive Flushknife BT 1.5 mm has been used. The next phase is the lateral extension of the dissection where an IT-Nano was used. Finally, the lateral incisions were excised to resect all the lesion. In this area the vessels are redundant and thermocoagulated with coagrasper. As an injection solution as well as that used for the Flushknife it was a mixture of Voluven + indigo carmine + adrenaline.

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