ESD Sigma (Is, 3 cm) in 40 minutes (F.J. Gallego)
T13-Polipectomía EMR y ESD / julio 20, 2018

We present a new case of ESD in sigma of a lesion with morphology Is (3 cm) (Classification of Paris) made completely with Dualknife J 2.0. The Olympus ESG-300 electrosurgical unit with the configuration of Dr. Rosón (Hospital Quirón, Málaga) has been used. We have improved the procedure time. In this case, only 40 minutes.

ESD (IIa+IIc 18 mm) in sigmoid colon (F.J. Gallego)
T13-Polipectomía EMR y ESD / julio 20, 2018

An ESD of a lesion with IIa + IIb morphology in the sigmoid colon is exposed. This is our DSE number 11 in the hospital in Poniente. A 1.5 mm BT flush-knife and coagrasper for hemostasis has been used as a hydrodissector. Demirex has been used as a submucosa injection solution (excellent master formula of our friend J. Antonio Morales Molina from the Pharmacy service of the Poniente Hospital). Many thanks to Dr. Katsumi Yamamoto (my dear Japanese friend and ESD world expert) for his good advice in this difficult learning curve of the ESD as well as my good friends, Dr. Rosón (an Andalusian and Spanish expert of the ESD), Dr. Guilarte (friend for 24 years and excellent endoscopist) and of course the group of the «DSE polygonera» (a large endoscopic family).  

Cecal ESD (Is morphology 6 cm). Dr. Gallego and Dr. Rosón
T13-Polipectomía EMR y ESD / julio 20, 2018

A big cecal lesion (6 x 4 cm) is resected by ESD. The case has been difficult due to poor maneuverability and bleeding during the procedure. At the end of the dissection, it was necessary to change the colonoscope and cap. A standard colonoscope with a distal diameter of 12 mm and a working channel of 3.7 mm has been used. We also had to change to a straight hood to improve visibility. Thanks to Dr. Rosón to help me in this case.